Car Care Tips For California

Leather Protection for Your Vehicle:

Many car owners paid a substantial amount of money for leather interiors. Whether or not you purchased a warranty, leather maintenance is required to preserve the look of your leather. Most leather damage is created by the sun, drying and shrinking the leather hide, creating stitch separation and cracking. These are seldom covered by warranty. Leather conditioning will protect your leather interior by returning moisture to the hide and providing a UV protectant from the sun. Protect your investment today!

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Caring for your vehicles leather

Vehicle Headlight Restoration:

When your headlights seem dim and your having trouble with night driving, chances are your headlight lenses have oxidized. Todays lenses are made of plastic, which over time will oxidize due to various weather elements. Restoration is inexpensive compared to replacement and will improve vision as well as the esthetics of your vehicle.

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What to do About Bird Droppings, Bugs, and Sap:

Many patrons ask about paint stains that won’t come out. The most common cause is Birds, Bugs, and Sap. The acidic nature of these elements actually erodes the clear coat protectant of the paint of your vehicle. Once permeated, the only solution is a new paint job. Remove these enemies of your vehicle as soon as possible.

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